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Free program pages courtesy of Trackmaster
* Denotes free program pages are unavailable
If the BET TYPE begins with the letters 'INST' it's an Instant Wager

BETTORS PLEASE NOTE: The horse names and betting numbers mentioned in Strategic Wagering selections should not be used for wagering purposes. For program numbers, download free past performance program pages from TRACKMASTER, the USTAs officially licensed provider of past performance programs.

In the event of one or more horses being declared non-starters and having wagers on those horses refunded after the running of the race, the Strategic Wagering guaranteed pool will be based on the official pool before those wagers are refunded.

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 Pandycapping/FREE Big M Picks
  by Bob Pandolfo

Bob Pandolfo, a.k.a. "Pandy," has been writing about harness and thoroughbred racing and handicapping for over 40 years. His Meadowlands selections are FREE all season long.

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